Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The terrible type...

In the realm of writing I have ridden the roller coaster once again.
I dropped off to the point I haven't done jack writing wise in a while,
and now I'm going back up where I feel the need to write every damn thing
out there.

I've spent more time reading lately...and reading every kind of book.
More sci-fi books, more romance novels, and a little less paranormal/vampire
type stuff.

In the end I have discovered that romance novels are only good when in the
mood for them because they all end quite literally the same way.

I've also read some darker books than normal such as true crime.
Which I now see why there is a point when one has watched too much
crime related stuff or read too much. That would be when you understand
the jargon, or you understand the theories about criminal actions.

Enough jibber jabber.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More Good books out there.

Alright so really what I've been doing while I've been away from my blog is reading, writing, working, sleeping, eating, and repeat. 

No seriously, except I did make cake pops too. (They are amazing by the way, if you have never tried them.)

Today I made the decision (We'll see if I do it) to self publish at least one of my novels, most likely the shorter Young Adult one, as compared to my adult urban fantasy kind of book. 

I'll keep you guys updated on that as things go, but on to the reading of good books. 
First let me say that I am finally reading Eragon, and this time I don't find it as hard to read as I did before. 
Just like Lord of the Rings, this series had taken time for me to read. Mostly because it's the kind of story I have to be in the mood for. 

That's not all though. 

Cinder by Marissa Meyer is another I have read, and let me say Holy Cow! That book was awesome, it's a alternate version of Cinderella in a futuristic world where she is a cyborg. I loved the characters and the plot, part of me was sad the book didn't end in the normal what I expect kind of way. The other half of me was pumped up, and ready for part two which supposedly features an alternate version of Red Riding Hood meeting Cinderella. If you like fairy tales, and you love science fiction, then this book is a must-read. 

Just for fun and joy I also read some Meg Cabot books; Size 14 is not fat and Big Boned. 
As always Cabot has a fun story, that ends entertainingly, and these were mystery novels making them all 
the more fun. I've read others recently too, but those are all for now.

In the world of movies I do have to say I was certainly excited by Joss Whedon's writing for The Avengers. The movie gave enough background for people who aren't graphic novel enthusiasts, and yet kept it fun and entertaining just like the animated movies do. 
I don't know about you guys, but I would like to see a Justice League movie. Not the seperate movies to explain the characters, just a Justice League movie. I personally think it would rock, but I could just be watching to much Young Justice. 

=) Til next time!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Back from outer space

It would seem I have disappeared from the blog realm for a while. 
I know I'm not terribly good at the blog to be honest, mostly because I do 
so much on Facebook already with everyone I know. 
I simply hate feeling like I am posting the same thing in two places. 
Anways, it's been a busy time for me lately. 

I've read the entire Stephanie Plum series (excluding the newest one)
I've picked up a billion books it seems lately, and I can't even name them all.
A lot of series I like have books out right now (while I am conveniently poor.)
The library does not have said books yet, making me sad.                         

But that's OK because I've been thinking about my writing lately. 
In part of my head the fact that I have just written a couple of novels, 
drafts even seems to astound me. 
At this point in time I can't remember the writing haze that took me over
while I was writing one of them, and I almost can't remember why I decided
to write in the first place. 

That is until yesterday; Mother's Day. 
I always think things that I want to say to people, and I always feel that when
I finally say most things what I thought and what I said are not the same. 
With writing I feel like it's a subconscious act almost. It's like the filter has 
been removed, and I can just write what I'm thinking or feeling. 
It's the reason I write somethings by hand, just because I love the sensation
of my hand moving to the motion of letters. It's art to me, and although I am 
not painting a picture with colors I am painting one with words. 
I am feeling with words. I am expressing with words.

For Mother's Day I made a couple of collages for a couple moms I know. 
Most collages I've seen are a mixture of media. Mine were solely created from 
magazine cut outs. I wanted words to express how I felt about these special ladies, 
and I wanted the words to connect and empower them. I added only pictures that
I thought would show what the words expressed. 

Sorry I haven't been around lately to those of you in the blog-verse who might have missed me.

Happy Reading!

Happy Writing!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lucky 7 Meme

Oh yes I love meme's that run rampant across the web, and thus I am doing this one.

According to the rules:

Go to page 77 of your current MS
Go to line 7
Copy down the next 7 lines - sentences or paragraphs - and post them as they're written. 
No cheating/tweaking/polishing/rewriting

Alright, here goes...

Fine.” it grumbled, “If you must call me something, then call me Raum.”
“Well that's a fun name.” I snorted still holding the thing by the neck. It was wiggling around trying to get free of my grip, but I only squeezed my grip tighter as it squirmed. Squinting my eyes I asked,“So are you a boy or a girl?”

“I'm male you insolent moron!” he screeched his arms wrapping around my hand when he sank his teeth into my palm. I hit him across the head, making him let go, my grip hadn't loosened when he'd bit me. If anything it just pissed me off more, and with a firm grip on him I carried him to my bike where I dug the nylon rope out of my bag.What are you doing? Stop that...I said stop that!” he continued to screech and grunt as I tied him to the front of my handlebars.

Okay so it's a smidge more than 7 lines, but I wasn't going to leave a sentence unfinished. 

What is the title of your current WIP? Tell us about it. 
Demon in the Dark; it's about a 21 year old college student who finds out that he's really a half demon, and that his blood can open a doorway to Hell.

When did you start blogging and why? 
Err...on Blogger, sometime last year. I started because I've always like doing stuff like LiveJournal and what not, but this time I wanted to write about a particular passion of mine; books.

If you could do anything tomorrow, what would you do? 
Er, Sleep all day probably. I tend to love my sleep, probably more than is healthy.

Describe your happy place. 
My happy place is anywhere I am cuddled up with my husband, or hanging out with my friends.

What was your first happy memory? 
Not really sure when my "first" one is, but I do remember my fourth grade teacher asking me if I would be interested in reading a story he was writing because I loved to read. That was a pretty awesome moment for me, I felt pretty cool getting to read my teacher's writing. Especially since it was a fantasy story with dragons and whatnot.

What was the scariest thing you've ever done? 
Scariest thing I've ever done....growing up. Hell, it's still scary sometimes.

Where is the strangest place you ever had an idea for a story? 
I don't know Demon in the Dark is based in South Louisiana, and it gets pretty weird down here.

Where do you write? 
Anywhere I can, on notepads, laptops, my computer, on rare occasion the notepad of my phone.

If you just won a ticket to anywhere in the world and you had to take me, where would you take me and why? I think I would go to Japan just because I've never been there, and exploring it with someone else would be fun.

I could tag people, but instead I will leave it up to you guys to decide if you want to do it or not. After all, surely not everyone that reads this also writes. Some people have other hobbies...I think.  =D

Saturday, March 10, 2012

That moment when...

Today I had that moment when someone talked about something that I loved...books.

Most people I know don't read many books, and even if they do they don't want to
discuss books. So it was a blast today when some of my co-workers talked about
books...I work at a movie theater by the way. We were discussing The Hunger Games
obviously, but it lead to other Young Adult books and series that are awesome.

Suddenly I felt like a little kid that finally gets to play that game they always wanted, or
just do that thing they always wanted to. There I was totally ranting and raving about
some Young Adult books I'd read, which lead to other books, and eventually spiraled
out of control to the point that I was suggesting books to people based on what they
told me they liked about The Hunger Games.

I'm starting to wonder if I should get a job as a librarian (even though they are frickin'
impossible to get around here), or I wonder if a bookstore somewhere would hire me
for just one day a week. I can't help it the thought of working somewhere I get to talk
about books excites me. I love movies, and I work at a movie theater, but I love books
too which I feel like most people who watch a lot of movies don't read quite as many books.

Probably because people have to choose how to spend
their time on something: game, book, movie, music, etc.

Anyways, that excited me so much I just had to share it with you guys.
Also is anyone else super excited about The Hunger Games movie, and yet annoyed
at the like way it's popularity seems to have spiraled almost out of control? It's a little
to much like Twilight at the moment, but maybe that feeling will pass once I see the movie.
(I don't mean the story is like Twilight by the way, I mean the crazy fandom is feeling a
lot like Twilight.)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Brotherhood of the Blade

Today I'm going to cover the second book in the Lord John series by Diana Gabaldon.

First things first, a little information about this book.

Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade
Author: Diana Gabaldon

Synopsis from Goodreads
In her much-anticipated new novel, the New York Times bestselling author of the Outlander saga brings back one of her most compelling characters: Lord John Grey—soldier, gentleman, and no mean hand with a blade. Here Diana Gabaldon brilliantly weaves together the strands of Lord John’s secret and public lives—a shattering family mystery, a love affair with potentially disastrous consequences, and a war that stretches from the Old World to the New. . . .

In 1758, in the heart of the Seven Years’ War, Britain fights by the side of Prussia in the Rhineland. For Lord John and his titled brother Hal, the battlefield will be a welcome respite from the torturous mystery that burns poisonously in their family’s history. Seventeen years earlier, Lord John’s late father, the Duke of Pardloe, was found dead, a pistol in his hand and accusations of his role as a Jacobite agent staining forever a family’s honor. 

Now unlaid ghosts from the past are stirring. Lord John’s brother has mysteriously received a page of their late father’s missing diary. Someone is taunting the Grey family with secrets from the grave, but Hal, with secrets of his own, refuses to pursue the matter and orders his brother to do likewise. Frustrated, John turns to a man who has been both his prisoner and his confessor: the Scottish Jacobite James Fraser.

Fraser can tell many secrets—and withhold many others. But war, a forbidden affair, and Fraser’s own secrets will complicate Lord John’s quest. Until James Fraser yields the missing piece of an astounding puzzle—and Lord John, caught between his courage and his conscience, must decide whether his family’s honor is worth his life

Wow! I'm not even really sure where to begin. I loved this book way more than the first one. This one delves more into John's private life, his secret love life, his family life particularly with his brother Hal, and all while trying to solve a mystery about his father's death.

By the end of this novel I felt so much respect for John it awed me, and I have also come to the decision that once I finish reading the Lord John books I am going to reread the Outlander series because I have no doubt I will see John in a whole new light now.

That's all for this post guys I'll catch up with you next time! I'll most likely update some other books I've read, or maybe even give a review on the YA book I just finished called Daughter of Smoke and Bone.
Until then read, write, and enjoy life!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Looking for Alaska

I've read a lot of reviews, and posts about Looking for Alaska by John Green. I've never read John Green before this, so this was new for me all around. 

That being said, it took me a while to read this book, and this may be simply because it's a contemporary novel. I like contemporary, but I don't seem to find them as enticing as supernatural or science fiction novels.

Anyways, this book was better than I expected it to be, and certainly went a different direction than I thought it might. By the end of this book I felt touched by the main character (Miles or Pudge as he is nicknamed) journey from his first day at a boarding school to the end of his first year there. 

Overall I'd say it was a 4/5 star book. Not one I'm going to rant about, but definitely something I would recommend to anyone that reads contemporary novels. 

Looking for Alaska
John Green

Miles Halter is fascinated by famous last words and tired of his safe life at home. He leaves for boarding school to seek what the dying poet Francois Rabelais called the "Great Perhaps." Much awaits Miles at Culver Creek, including Alaska Young. Clever, funny, screwed-up, and dead sexy, Alaska will pull Miles into her labyrinth and catapult him into the Great Perhaps. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I tag people...because why not?

I've been tagged by 1000th Monkey

Here's how it goes
First the Rules
You must post the rules.
Answer the questions and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
Tag 11 people and link to them.
Let them know you’ve tagged them.

Then, the questions:

1. What's your favourite letter of the alphabet and why? (you're not limited to the English alphabet)
Hmm...I'd have to say the letter S, because it's in what feels like every other word, and because when I write cursive it looks pretty when I want it to.

2. What's the most disgusting/odd combination of food you've ever eaten?
Peanut butter and syrup on crackers, I wouldn't try it forever because the mix looked like a sugar coma to me, but in the end it was delicious!

3. Favourite word?
I like a lot of words, but some of the more fun ones to say are things like persnickety, gander, or atrocious. (Especially when you say atrocious in an accent)

4. If you had to get a tattoo, what would it be and why? If you already have one, use that as your answer.
My tattoo is a triple moon, it's the symbol of the goddess. Symbolizing the three stages of the goddess; maiden, mother, crone. I view it as a reminder that we all evolve throughout life from one thing to another.

5. What fictional character is most like you and why? Could be personality or appearance, from a book, movie, graphic novel, whatever.
This is so difficult, but I guess I'd have to say Aura from Jeri Smith Ready's Shade trilogy. Aura is an amazing character who is sometimes at odds with the things in her life. Including her boyfriend being a ghost.

6. The bitchy blonde female character -> love? hate? overdone? (bonus points for including your favourite blonde joke)
I think the generalization of the character is overdone, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy the character in some movies. Favorite blond joke has to be; What do you call a blonde that dyes her hair brunette? Artificial Intelligence. 

7. Do you usually write characters who are the same gender as you are? Ever tried the opposite?
I actually have one story that is a male main character, while the other book I wrote is two points of view; one male, one female. Although I do associate better with my male characters for some reason.

8. If you could swap places with a character and live in their fictional world/universe for a day, which would you choose?
Megan from The Iron Fey series because not only does she find out she's part fey. She also as Ash, and I would love to have Ash, just for a day.

9. What's your favourite fairy-tale/myth/folk-tale/fable/nursery-rhyme, and would you ever write a re-telling of it?
I love the story of Sleeping Beauty, not really sure why. I would consider re-telling it once I'm done with my other works in progress! Gotta finish something.

10. If you could turn your significant other into an animal for one day, what animal would you choose and why?
A cat, because then he would do nothing but be lazy all day with me. He'd also be fun to see play with catnip.

11. Does Pluto deserve to be re-instated as a planet?
Pluto has never been otherwise too me, after all I'm a Scorpio and without Pluto I am planet-less. 

EDIT: If anyone else wants to play/answer the questions, go ahead! Just include the link, or answer directly in the comment section :)

Since I don't have 11 followers yet I have tagged the following people
Amber Bower

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Here are your 11 questions.

1. What was your favorite novel growing up?
2. Tell me about somewhere you went that was better than you expected it to be, (store, vacation, party, etc)
3. If you could be anyone fictional who would you be and why?
4. Name a movie that had a serious impact on you.
5. What made you start a blog, or get a social network page if you don't have a blog?
6. Who's the best villain you've ever read or seen?
7. What your favorite creative outlet? 
8. Name one way you deal with stress.
9. Name someone you admire, and why.
10. Which is better waffles or pancakes?
Last, but not least....
11. What is your favorite quote?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Lord John Grey

For a long time I never read romance novels, it was almost like I was doing
anything in my power to be anything but feminine. To this day I'm not really
sure why I felt that way, I just know I did. 

Eventually my sister in law gave me a book to read called
  Outlander by Diana Gabaladon.This was shortly after my love for 
reading resurfaced, and I felt the need to get my hands on a
 book, any book at all times. 

Outlander is labeled a historical romance, but after I read it I had a hard time
making my idea of a historical romance and the book I'd just read match up.
Outlander was just so awesome, even though it was like 800 something pages!

Until that moment it had never occurred to me that romance novels could be 
great novels too. Yeah, there are plenty of romance novels that are like reading
a book version of a romantic comedy, but there suddenly I realized there were these
other "romance" novels that delved so deeply into characters that you became
attached to them, you empathized with them, and you almost register that they are 
fictional. (As if that matters)

An idea of what John Grey looks like

In this Outlander series there is a homosexual character introduced in around the
third novel named Lord John Grey. He's an English solider, and although he isn't 
necessarily a main character during the Outlander series he does have his own
series. The first of his series being Lord John and the Private Matter. 

You get a lot more out of the Lord John Grey novels and novellas if you read 
Outlander first simply because there is a lot of back story that will help.
Not that I really think it's required to read Outlander though, just recommended.

It's one of the first books where the main lead has been homosexual, and in the 18th
century. John spends a lot of time hiding who he is from people, and in many ways
it opens ones eyes to the fact that somethings are not new in the world, they are 
simply approached differently. 

That being said....Diana Gabaldon is an amazing writer and story teller. 
Her books taught me some Scottish history, and even made me fall a little in 
love with romance novels.

Set in 18th century England the story follows Lord John as he
investigates his sister's fiancee and the murder of a possible spy.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tiger Lily and The Curse Workers

Through all of the fantastic blogs I follow I have been introduced to 
numerous books that I want to read, and a lot that I have read. 
This book however, I am almost certain I could not have heard 
about if not for this blog....http://ireadtorelax.blogspot.com/

Tiger Lily
By: Jodi Lynn Anderson
Publication date: July 3, 2012 (not soon enough)

Before Peter Pan belonged to Wendy Darling, 
he belonged to the girl with the crow feather in her hair....

Fifteen-year-old Tiger Lily, proud and fierce, wild and misunderstood, 
doesn’t believe in love stories or happy endings. Then she meets the 
alluring teenage Peter Pan in the forbidden woods of Neverland and 
immediately falls under his spell. Bonding over their shared sense of 
adventure, their competitive nature, and their courageous spirits, 
the two form an unlikely friendship and an even more unlikely romance. 
Then Wendy Darling—a girl who is everything Tiger Lily is not—arrives 
on the island, and Tiger Lily discovers how far she is willing to go to keep
Peter with her, and in Neverland.

I have never been a stellar fan of Peter Pan himself, don't ask me why. He just 
wasn't my kind of character I guess. The Lost Boys were cute, and Hook was 
crazy, but nothing about Peter Pan made it a favorite of mine.

That being said I am entirely interested in reading about the possibility 
that Peter Pan acted like more than a seven year old. (Even if the point of
 Neverland is to never grow up). Even little boys get crushes too right? In the 
end I think I will read it when it comes out because simply put the 
concept is interesting enough to make me want to read it. 

On another note here is a book trailer for a book series that I quite adore 
(although I don't own it...yet)

Summary of White Cat (Book 1 of The Curse Workers)
Cassel comes from a family of curse workers—people who have the power to change your emotions, your memories, your luck, all by the slightest touch of their hands. Since curse work is illegal, they’re all criminals. But not Cassel. He hasn’t got the magic touch, so he’s an outsider—the straight kid in a crooked family—as long as you ignore one small detail: He killed his best friend, Lila. Now he is sleepwalking, propelled into the night by terrifying dreams about a white cat. He also notices that his brothers are keeping secrets from him. As Cassel begins to suspect he’s part of one huge con game, he must unravel his past and his memories. To find out the truth, Cassel will have to outcon the conmen.

Until next time!