Friday, February 24, 2012

Lord John Grey

For a long time I never read romance novels, it was almost like I was doing
anything in my power to be anything but feminine. To this day I'm not really
sure why I felt that way, I just know I did. 

Eventually my sister in law gave me a book to read called
  Outlander by Diana Gabaladon.This was shortly after my love for 
reading resurfaced, and I felt the need to get my hands on a
 book, any book at all times. 

Outlander is labeled a historical romance, but after I read it I had a hard time
making my idea of a historical romance and the book I'd just read match up.
Outlander was just so awesome, even though it was like 800 something pages!

Until that moment it had never occurred to me that romance novels could be 
great novels too. Yeah, there are plenty of romance novels that are like reading
a book version of a romantic comedy, but there suddenly I realized there were these
other "romance" novels that delved so deeply into characters that you became
attached to them, you empathized with them, and you almost register that they are 
fictional. (As if that matters)

An idea of what John Grey looks like

In this Outlander series there is a homosexual character introduced in around the
third novel named Lord John Grey. He's an English solider, and although he isn't 
necessarily a main character during the Outlander series he does have his own
series. The first of his series being Lord John and the Private Matter. 

You get a lot more out of the Lord John Grey novels and novellas if you read 
Outlander first simply because there is a lot of back story that will help.
Not that I really think it's required to read Outlander though, just recommended.

It's one of the first books where the main lead has been homosexual, and in the 18th
century. John spends a lot of time hiding who he is from people, and in many ways
it opens ones eyes to the fact that somethings are not new in the world, they are 
simply approached differently. 

That being said....Diana Gabaldon is an amazing writer and story teller. 
Her books taught me some Scottish history, and even made me fall a little in 
love with romance novels.

Set in 18th century England the story follows Lord John as he
investigates his sister's fiancee and the murder of a possible spy.


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  2. Yay Outlander books! I've yet to actually read the Lord John Grey books, but they are on my list. Hopefully this summer. :)