Monday, May 14, 2012

Back from outer space

It would seem I have disappeared from the blog realm for a while. 
I know I'm not terribly good at the blog to be honest, mostly because I do 
so much on Facebook already with everyone I know. 
I simply hate feeling like I am posting the same thing in two places. 
Anways, it's been a busy time for me lately. 

I've read the entire Stephanie Plum series (excluding the newest one)
I've picked up a billion books it seems lately, and I can't even name them all.
A lot of series I like have books out right now (while I am conveniently poor.)
The library does not have said books yet, making me sad.                         

But that's OK because I've been thinking about my writing lately. 
In part of my head the fact that I have just written a couple of novels, 
drafts even seems to astound me. 
At this point in time I can't remember the writing haze that took me over
while I was writing one of them, and I almost can't remember why I decided
to write in the first place. 

That is until yesterday; Mother's Day. 
I always think things that I want to say to people, and I always feel that when
I finally say most things what I thought and what I said are not the same. 
With writing I feel like it's a subconscious act almost. It's like the filter has 
been removed, and I can just write what I'm thinking or feeling. 
It's the reason I write somethings by hand, just because I love the sensation
of my hand moving to the motion of letters. It's art to me, and although I am 
not painting a picture with colors I am painting one with words. 
I am feeling with words. I am expressing with words.

For Mother's Day I made a couple of collages for a couple moms I know. 
Most collages I've seen are a mixture of media. Mine were solely created from 
magazine cut outs. I wanted words to express how I felt about these special ladies, 
and I wanted the words to connect and empower them. I added only pictures that
I thought would show what the words expressed. 

Sorry I haven't been around lately to those of you in the blog-verse who might have missed me.

Happy Reading!

Happy Writing!

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